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In the town Kurukshetra the zoo of pipli is also the one of best tourism place where the tourist enjoy a lot.The greenary of zoo is maintained best environment. At the zoo, there are many exciting animals to visit. Baboons are fed bright yellow ripe bananas. Cheering kids scream with joy when the dolphins do […]

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Sannihit Sarovar kurukshetra

The confluence of the seven sacred Muse Sarovar Snnihit thought-about. Snnihit word means that – to be collected. this implies that the particular Snnihit includes seven streams of water, particularly throughout the phase of the moon and occultation is bathed here. it’s same that the lake and also the moon throughout the eclipse of the […]

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Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple kurukshetra

The old Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple Kurukshetra, committed to Lord Shiva is arranged in Thanesar, a blessed town in the Kurukshetra region of Haryana. It was here that the Pandavas alongside Krishna implored Lord Shiva and got his endowments for triumph in the skirmish of Mahabharata. This is the primary reason; here guests can see a […]

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Sheikh Chehli ka Makbara

Sheik Chili’s an intellectual researcher, a regarded Sufi holy person and an otherworldly educator. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s child Dara Shikoh supporter of Sheik Chili and was apparently an aficionado of the Prince Sheik Chili learned numerous essential things. Sheik Chili’s tomb on the edges of Kurukshetra is based on a high slope. It is […]

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