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Maa Bhadrakali Shaktipith Devikoop Temple Kurukshetra

Maa Shakti is the only proven the historical temple in kurukshetra Haryana, where the mother resides in Bhadrakali power.
Vamana Purana and four wells in the context of Kurukshetra Brahmpuran etc. wording describe it. A lunar coupe, coupe Vishnu, Rudra coupe and coupe are goddesses. Sridevi Dkshkumari sati is linked to the history of Shakti Bhadra coupe. Shiva Purana it is described that Sati’s father Daksha Prajapati once held the sacrifice. Sati and her husband Shiva on the occasion, in addition to all the gods and sages were called. When Sati learned of this, he went to the house of the father with servants. There too skilled not honored him in any way and are angry and began to criticize Shiva. Sati could not bear the humiliation of her husband and herself in the fire pit, poured myself home. When the dead body of Sati, Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu universe began pacing his Sudarshan Chakra Sati 52 split. Sati’s body fell there-wherever there were established power back on.
Haryana’s Kurukshetra Bhadrakali Temple, the only ancient Shakti Devi Sridevi Coupe part of Sati fell below the knee and right ankle that was established Shakti.

Raksha Bandhan day of the faithful entrusted to his mother to protect the burden of protecting the threads that bind. Recognize that it is his safety. Mahashaktipit special celebration of Chaitra and Ashwin Navratri are celebrated with great fanfare.

Shakti will pay for the service of the best horses. Krishna and the Pandavas did it on winning the war, when the recognition is completed, the pilgrims from gold, silver and ceramics offer horse. It sits in the beautiful statue of Maa Bhadrakali cool pose. Thousands of devotees daily Maa Bhadrakali and philosophy are venerated. Outside the temple, the Goddess pond. At one end of the pond Tksheshwar Mahadev temple. Puranas that Lord Krishna and Balarama were the tonsure ceremony here.

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