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In the town Kurukshetra the zoo of pipli is also the one of best tourism place where the tourist enjoy a lot.The greenary of zoo is maintained best environment.

At the zoo, there are many exciting animals to visit. Baboons are fed bright yellow ripe bananas. Cheering kids scream with joy when the dolphins do their act. Domestic animals are all over the colorful jungle palace.
Enormous elephants stomp their gray graceful feet. Foods of all kinds come from the happy food vendors. Gilded giraffes move around the fenced in palace. Hopping kangaroos move swiftly around the jagged rocks with ease.
I love to watch the brightly colored parrots flying at a steady pace. Jealously racing among the monkeys when one gets a treat from the crowd. King of the jungle, the lion strides with great pride. Listening to the animals, you hear the interesting sounds of the animal kingdom. Miser monkeys fish around for shiny objects that catch their eye.
Neighs from the pigs send the children in laughter. Odors from the animal pens reek and smell vile. Panda?s spotted with black and white patches move carefree through the trees. Quetzals with their long tails flutter with each flap of their wings. Raging rhinos charge with anger at curious spectators. Silver bellied snakes slither quickly on the ground with great speed. Talons of the eagle rip the scaly flesh away from dead salmon.
Unaccustomed to their new captivity, animals sniff around for something familiar. Venomous snakes are put in glass cages isolating them from spectators. Wallabies with their jackrabbit feet hop around with ?no worries.? Xeno animals come from different places to interact with one another.
Young people move about the zoo looking for their favorite exhibit. Zoologists take notes and photos of the interesting animals at every move and enjoy their journey.

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